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Relentlessly pursuing passion, producing maximal life and minimal waste

Our mission is simple - repurpose lumber to create meaningful and authentic works of art that capture the essence of our craft. That 'craft' and our passion for the profession was instilled

in us by our grandfather, who poured his heart and soul into all his endeavors.

 Together, we strive to create every piece with the meticulous care, environmental consciousness, and creative artisanship that our grandfather had taught us so many years ago. 

Two Brothers // One Brand

Derrick has spent years refining his woodworking skills from the early days in his grandfather's shop to working as a roadie and event manager creating a variety of set builds. After many years on the road, he came back home to start a new adventure

where he uses his acquired skill set to create unique custom builds and

rework items into original high quality pieces.

Johann attributes his adoration for the craft to his grandfather and the long weekends spent with him in the shop learning the tricks of the trade: the vitality of paying attention to detail, distinguishing different species of wood, the intuition of selectivity making decisions, and dedicating yourself to your passion. In college, Johann worked construction, eager to soak up as much as he could about the profession. His enthusiasm to learn and to apply his grandfather's teachings eventually led him to

a network of other hardworking craftsmen who helped mentor him in his career.

The Beginning

In 2010, a local restaurant decided to rebrand their business with a new aesthetic, featuring a selection of old wooden barn beams. As the restaurant looked for people to help with this new undertaking, they knew they needed to find craftsmen who understood the art of repurposing wood while keeping its original character.

Through word of mouth, the restaurant found us to take on the project. 

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, which raised a question - what if we could create a business that focused on repurposing lumber and other salvaged pieces into new creations? With that idea, we founded Slab.

Our core values are the pillars that strengthen our craft and inspire us to construct authentic, unique and reimagined pieces for people to share and enjoy.

  • Maximize Life of Lumber

  • Create Minimal Waste

  • Quality Before Quantity

“If there was ever a question of going the extra mile or not, always choose the prior.”

// Environmentally conscious, we do not cut trees down solely for our use nor do we advocate for clear cutting methods. Our lumber is from tree care companies or from a damage/diseased tree whose life has already been lived. We repurpose discarded furniture into new and innovative pieces with our own creative twists; we unearth materials from dumpsters, trash piles, and auctions.

Our process is as personal and original as our materials.

We repurpose, reinvent, reuse, recycle, and revive. //


Building A Better Life


The New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter was transitioning from being an euthanasia shelter to a no-kill shelter but was having a difficult time completing the job within budget. As a team, we decided to do the labor and construction solely at cost of supplies and finish the remodel, making the shelter efficient, effective, and more fitting for the staff  and visitors as well as the animals. We were so grateful to be a part of this project and have the opportunity to contribute to the community we know and love. 

Project // Description

  • Reposition cat and dog isolation rooms

  • Relocate surgery room

  • Maximize interior spacing

  • Repaint facility

  • Remove unnecessary cinder block walls

  • Install folding exam tables

  • Make kennel carts

  • Add wet table

Thank you to our partisans for including us in projects like this one.

Giving back to the community and being a part of something bigger than ourselves

truly makes the work worthwhile. 

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